Riverview Green to Clean Pool Restorations

Green to Clean is a service offered when water has been sitting in the pool for a long time and has actually turned into ‘swamp water.’ This happens when somebody neglects their pool or they buy a home that’s been sitting for an extended period of time.

This ‘swamp water’ is neither pretty nor healthy. So for Green to Clean, we come in and either chemically treat the water and bring it back to clean. Including vacuuming out all the junk out of the pool or we drain the pool and clean it up manually.

Draining out the pool is a rare occasion and it only happens when we are unable to get the water clean with chemicals. There are instances when the water turns black, and there is no oxygen left in it, so there is nothing that will live in the pool.

The water might actually look very clean and clear, but it has a black tinge to it. That is very difficult to bring back, so we just drain the pool.

The most common question associated with a Green to Clean service is, ‘what about the pool surface?’ The truth is you can’t tell what the pool surface looks like until you drain the water out or you treat it chemically so you are able to see through it – because it is impossible to see either the walls or the surface through the green water.

Once we know what the surface looks like, then we decide how to treat it. There are some chemical treatments that can get stains off the pool surface or even take organic matter off the surfaces.

A Green to Clean service typically takes 3-5 days, depending on how much debris is in the pool.

This period is primarily to let the chemicals do their work.