Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services

A clean pool is essential to a homeowner. At Poseidon Pools, we offer a weekly full pool cleaning service.

Why do you need a pool service? Most homeowners do not have the time to clean their pools, yet there are a lot of contaminants in the air that settle into your pool.

In addition to these contaminants, there are other sources of debris, like leaves if your pool is under a tree. Leaves, grass, papers, plastic bags, and all kinds of contaminants are blown by the wind into your outdoor pool.

Simply put, no pool will stay clean without some assistance. Other common, but usually ignored pool contaminants include detergents, sun tan lotions, sun screens, and oils off of people’s skins.

Poseidon Pools provides pool cleaning and maintenance services promptly and conveniently, because you the homeowner doesn’t need to be home to supervise our work. When we come and visit, we leave a record of our work and other findings at the residence.

Our charges are the most reasonable on the market because we charge by the gallon of the pool. We do not charge our clients according to their physical location or the size of their house, or the neighborhood they live in. Our pricing is based on the size of the pool. The bigger the pool, the higher the price.

Remember, just because the water doesn’t look dirty doesn’t mean it isn’t.